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Tip Tuesday: How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

By Karlyn, Jan 10 2017 07:23PM

So we’re more than a week into the New Year--and how are your resolutions going? If you’re anything like me, your motivation is already waning! Here are three simple tips to defibrillate your resolutions! Ready...“Clear!”

(1) Keep it simple. We all have about a billion things we’d like to finally accomplish, or even just learn to do better. And of those billion, we can all probably list off the top of our heads about a dozen really important ones. And of those dozen or so really important ones, we probably have about three that we’re dead-set on accomplishing...kind of like, “If I don’t have these three figured out by 2018, I give up!” Which is commendable, really, but in order to ensure success, we’ve got to take it a step further! We need to choose just one resolution. Just one?! Yes, just one.

By choosing only one resolution, you can entirely focus on accomplishing it, which greatly increases the likelihood of success. It’s similar to the myth of multitasking…Focusing on multiple goals at once feels more efficient, and certainly appears more ambitious, but in the long run your focus is too spread out. Like that old adage about either doing everything but not doing any of it well, or doing one thing with excellence, it’s best to focus your energy on one thing at a time.

So pick ONE resolution, and knock it out of the park!

(2) Track your progress. Whatever your resolution is, find a way to measure your progress! You will find yourself much more motivated to “stick with it” if you have a physical or visual representation of how far you’ve come already. The first step here is going to be setting “mini-goals” for yourself. You’ll need to have some benchmarks in place in order to see your progress. So decide on your mini-goals, then pick one of these ideas for tracking the progress of your resolution:

Chart: Go old-school with a fundraising-type chart that you can fill in as you get closer to your goal. This is great for financial and fitness-related goals!

“Keep the Chain Going”: Are you trying to break an old habit? Make a new habit? Try the “chain” approach. Keep a calendar nearby and for every day you accomplish your goal for the day, cross that day off. The longer you go, the more filled-in your calendar will be, and the less you’ll want to see a blank square on the chain!

Jar: Designate a clear jar for the purpose of tracking your progress. Every time you meet a mini-goal, drop a marble, or a dollar, or a slip of paper with the date you met your mini-goal, into the jar. Watch the jar fill up as you get closer to making your resolution a reality!

Bullet Journal: If you’re the visual-learner type, invest in a bullet journal! Bullet journaling is a great way to keep your goals fresh and inspirational by utilizing colors and art, while keeping everything organized and handy. And Pinterest is chock-full of goal-tracking templates for bullet journalers.

Vision Board: For the kinetic learners among us, the “learning by doing” types, a vision board can be a great way to track your goals. Find some images that represent your resolution and tack them to a bulletin board. Then find some images that represent your mini-goals, and every time you meet a mini-goal, add it to your board, too!

Accountability: Round up some back up! Get your friends and family in on helping you make your resolution happen. Let them know about your mini-goals, too, and ask them to help you brainstorm some ways to celebrate accomplishing your mini-goals! But most importantly, ask them to nag you! Sometimes one of the most effective ways to track your progress is simply being able to answer an accountability partner’s nagging with a triumphant “Yes!”

Rewards: Attach a reward to each of your mini goals! Whether it’s a day at the beach or the spa, a trip to your favorite museum or sports center, tickets to a concert or a game, pick some rewards and when you reach your mini-goals, celebrate! (No cheating, though!)

(3) You’ve gotta want it. If you want to succeed in keeping your resolutions, the motivation has to be personal! Internally-driven goals are more likely to succeed than externally-driven goals. For example, while your friend might be setting a super inspirational goal like taking a month-long Hawaiian vacation, make sure that if you decide your resolution is also to take an extended exotic vacation, that you’re not doing it out of a sense of competition or a bad case of KUWTJ (keeping up with the Joneses). Typically, “trendy” goals, or goals set under external pressure, aren’t as likely to succeed--and you’ll be left feeling much less satisfied if you do happen to achieve them, because you never really wanted them in the first place. So find out what you really want, and go after it!

I hope that helped give your motivation a jolt! Take these three tips to reach your resolutions in 2017! Pick one goal, measure your progress, and make it personal.

(And if your resolution happens to involve getting organized, stay tuned! January is National Get Organized Month, and we’re going to be celebrating by posting organizational solutions for your messiest rooms in the house!)

Keep on resolving!

Karlyn at A Better Rate Storage

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