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National Get Organized Month: Closets!

By Karlyn, Jan 31 2017 05:05PM

We’ve all been there: what once held all your clothing neatly and beautifully is now an endless black hole that has swallowed your shoes and scarves--and your mornings. You keep telling yourself you’ve got to do something about this someday, but someday has come and gone, and here you still are, afraid to open the door because of what might fall out. You know what I’m talking about...YOUR CLOSET.

This week in celebration of National Get Organized Month, we’re tackling your closet! While there are a million articles out there on closet organization, we’ve decided to write this one with you in mind! If you are anything like us, you’re probably high on ambition but low on time--so we’re going to help you maximize your ambitions and your time!

Let’s say you have an unexpectedly free half hour! But staring into the chaos of your closet can be so overwhelming. What can you do in that short amount of time to help you get your closet organized?

1.Just move stuff around. Seriously. Moving every garment next to other garments like it will do you a world of good! Just put tops with tops, skirts with skirts, and so on. Don’t worry about anything else. Just get those clothes sorted!

And maybe in a few days, or weeks, or months, you have another free half hour. What to do then?

2. Well, since you already have your clothes categorized by type, now go through and refine the categories. Keep in mind categories like seasonal, needs repaired, and never worn. For example, if it’s June, take out all your wool sweaters and put them in a bin with other winter items. If your once-favorite t-shirt has gaping holes in the armpits, get it out of your closet. (At this point, it doesn’t matter if you keep it somewhere where you can repair it later, or if you throw it out. The point is to get it out of your closet!) And as for that name-brand jacket you get an unbelievable deal on a year ago but somehow haven’t ever found the right outfit to wear it with? Get rid of it! Sell it, donate it, toss it. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not in your closet!

And maybe in another few weeks you have another small chunk of time on your hands! Your closet is now categorized and refined, but it’s still pretty much a mess. What’s your next move?

3. Re-arrange by “most used.” Try this method: Picture your closet like a tic-tac-toe board. The corners and side sections should house your least-used items. The middle column should hold your commonly-used items. Place “most-used” items in this column, up front and in the middle of your closet. Put “less-used” items in the bottom row of your closet, leaving the most regularly-worn items near the center. “Least-used” items can go in the very top row, but again leave the most regularly-worn items close to the center. As the seasons change, you can rotate things through the sections, so for now re-arrange it for the season you are in.

Jot these 3 super-easy, super-quick tips down! Hang them up in your closet where, at a moment’s notice, you can jump right into the organization process! Just Move stuff around, Refine your categories, and Re-arrange by “Most-Used.” Before you know it, you’ll have a beautifully organized closet again!

Happy organizing!

~Karlyn at A Better Rate Storage

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