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National Clutter Awareness Week

By Karlyn, Mar 20 2017 12:07PM

National Clutter Awareness Week--March 20-26, 2017

“It’s hard for me to even imagine talking about clutter without talking about the emotional benefits of decluttering...There’s no one who calls me who isn’t stressed out, frustrated, or feeling inadequate, incompetent in their job, or guilty. It’s all about emotions — definitely it’s more about emotions than it is about the stuff.” --Hazel Thornton, Professional Organizing Consultant, Experience Life.com

Here are two easy ways to conquer clutter in March!

1) Always, always leave a clean workspace. This goes for the desk, the kitchen, the vanity--always leave it clean, so you come back to it clean!

2) Try this trick: Fill up one box of some things that are contributing to the “cluttered” look of your home. Label the box with today’s date. Then put the box on a high shelf, or in the garage, or in your attic (somewhere out of sight!). The next time you come across that box, if you haven’t needed to use what was in the box since the date on the front, just toss or donate the entire box.

This week, celebrate Clutter Awareness Week by trying out those two easy clutter-busters! And if you're trying to de-clutter your home but you're just not ready to totally part with your things...give us a call! We can help you find the right size storage unit to keep your belongings safe.

Happy de-cluttering,

~Karlyn at A Better Rate Storage

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