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Here you’ll find great resources, tips, and the occasional fun fact to make sure your self-storage experience with us is a great one!

By Karlyn, Mar 23 2017 01:17PM

You know how the saying goes...April showers bring May flowers! All that precipitation is great for the local flora, but without taking the proper precautions, it can do a lot of damage to your items in storage. From furniture to photos to keepsakes, moisture can ruin just about anything. So what can you do to prevent moisture from wreaking havoc in your unit? Here are just a few easy ideas!

Use a vapor barrier (a plastic sheet or tarp on the floor)

Kitty litter or charcoal in a shallow pan, change every few weeks

Silica gel packs, tucked in between cushions and clothing

Pallets, laid out of the floor with your items packed on top

But just so you know...Our floors are double dry-locked, our contractor-grade garage door seals are checked and replaced regularly, and we have never had any tenants report water damage!



By Karlyn, Mar 20 2017 12:07PM

National Clutter Awareness Week--March 20-26, 2017

“It’s hard for me to even imagine talking about clutter without talking about the emotional benefits of decluttering...There’s no one who calls me who isn’t stressed out, frustrated, or feeling inadequate, incompetent in their job, or guilty. It’s all about emotions — definitely it’s more about emotions than it is about the stuff.” --Hazel Thornton, Professional Organizing Consultant, Experience Life.com

Here are two easy ways to conquer clutter in March!

1) Always, always leave a clean workspace. This goes for the desk, the kitchen, the vanity--always leave it clean, so you come back to it clean!

2) Try this trick: Fill up one box of some things that are contributing to the “cluttered” look of your home. Label the box with today’s date. Then put the box on a high shelf, or in the garage, or in your attic (somewhere out of sight!). The next time you come across that box, if you haven’t needed to use what was in the box since the date on the front, just toss or donate the entire box.

This week, celebrate Clutter Awareness Week by trying out those two easy clutter-busters! And if you're trying to de-clutter your home but you're just not ready to totally part with your things...give us a call! We can help you find the right size storage unit to keep your belongings safe.

Happy de-cluttering,

~Karlyn at A Better Rate Storage

By Karlyn, Jan 31 2017 05:05PM

We’ve all been there: what once held all your clothing neatly and beautifully is now an endless black hole that has swallowed your shoes and scarves--and your mornings. You keep telling yourself you’ve got to do something about this someday, but someday has come and gone, and here you still are, afraid to open the door because of what might fall out. You know what I’m talking about...YOUR CLOSET.

This week in celebration of National Get Organized Month, we’re tackling your closet! While there are a million articles out there on closet organization, we’ve decided to write this one with you in mind! If you are anything like us, you’re probably high on ambition but low on time--so we’re going to help you maximize your ambitions and your time!

Let’s say you have an unexpectedly free half hour! But staring into the chaos of your closet can be so overwhelming. What can you do in that short amount of time to help you get your closet organized?

1.Just move stuff around. Seriously. Moving every garment next to other garments like it will do you a world of good! Just put tops with tops, skirts with skirts, and so on. Don’t worry about anything else. Just get those clothes sorted!

And maybe in a few days, or weeks, or months, you have another free half hour. What to do then?

2. Well, since you already have your clothes categorized by type, now go through and refine the categories. Keep in mind categories like seasonal, needs repaired, and never worn. For example, if it’s June, take out all your wool sweaters and put them in a bin with other winter items. If your once-favorite t-shirt has gaping holes in the armpits, get it out of your closet. (At this point, it doesn’t matter if you keep it somewhere where you can repair it later, or if you throw it out. The point is to get it out of your closet!) And as for that name-brand jacket you get an unbelievable deal on a year ago but somehow haven’t ever found the right outfit to wear it with? Get rid of it! Sell it, donate it, toss it. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not in your closet!

And maybe in another few weeks you have another small chunk of time on your hands! Your closet is now categorized and refined, but it’s still pretty much a mess. What’s your next move?

3. Re-arrange by “most used.” Try this method: Picture your closet like a tic-tac-toe board. The corners and side sections should house your least-used items. The middle column should hold your commonly-used items. Place “most-used” items in this column, up front and in the middle of your closet. Put “less-used” items in the bottom row of your closet, leaving the most regularly-worn items near the center. “Least-used” items can go in the very top row, but again leave the most regularly-worn items close to the center. As the seasons change, you can rotate things through the sections, so for now re-arrange it for the season you are in.

Jot these 3 super-easy, super-quick tips down! Hang them up in your closet where, at a moment’s notice, you can jump right into the organization process! Just Move stuff around, Refine your categories, and Re-arrange by “Most-Used.” Before you know it, you’ll have a beautifully organized closet again!

Happy organizing!

~Karlyn at A Better Rate Storage

By Karlyn, Jan 23 2017 08:47PM

Have you ever noticed how the room in your house with the couch in it is called the “living room,” but everyone tends to actually spend more time living in the room with the food? The kitchen is definitely the heart of the home, and when it’s an unmanageable mess, everything else seems to fall victim to chaos as well. But fear not! We’re here with three super-easy organizing tips to get your kitchen from totally unmanageable to totally livable, in celebration of National Get Organized Month!

TIP #1: Start with a clean slate.

This is the easiest way to kick the chaos: find out what’s making it chaotic in the first place. The best way to get started in organizing your kitchen is to pull everything out of the cabinets and divide it into piles on the kitchen floor: expired foods, baking, cooking, utensils, leftover containers, snacks, breakfast, and whatever else you can think of. Then you’ll know what you’re working with, and you can put everything back in a logical manner!

TIP #2: Think like a pro.

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant or any other kind of “commercial”-type kitchen, you know that the magic is all in the system. The system in commercial kitchens include “stations,” labeling, and cleaning as you go.

Stations: Have logical “stations” set up. Have a designated spot for coffee or tea, with all the fixings and mugs near to the coffee maker or kettle. Have a designated spot for baking, with all the baking staples and cookie cutters in the same vicinity. Have a “prep station,” near the sink, with knives and cutting boards in the same area. These stations and others like it will help your kitchen life run smoothly and keep things organized.

Labeling: Keep the fridge from turning into a graveyard of leftovers! Have masking tape and a sharpie near the refrigerator so you can put a date on every single thing that goes in the fridge. That way when you see a date from more than a week ago, you know it’s time to toss it, and it won’t keep taking up space in your fridge for who knows how long.

Cleaning as you go: Take advantage of those “in-between” times to get a jump start on clean-up! Are you waiting for the water to boil? Throw some dishes in the sink! Are you waiting for dough to rise? Wipe off some countertops! Cleaning as you go will make the mess at the end smaller! And cleaning a small mess will be a cinch.

TIP #3: Have some fun.

Get creative with your storage solutions! You can re-use all kinds of crates, bins, and totes for hiding kitchen clutter. You can utilize the insides of cabinet doors, you can put up pegboard instead of a backsplash, you can use a magnet board as a spice rack! The possibilities are endless. The folks over at the Lifehack blog are full of even more great ideas for getting creative with your kitchen organization!

With these three easy tips, your kitchen will be an organized, functional place to live!

Happy organizing!

~Karlyn at A Better Rate Storage

By Karlyn, Jan 17 2017 05:42PM

January is National Get Organized Month! We’re going to be celebrating here on A Better Storage Blog for the next few weeks by giving you our very best tips for storage and organization in the most common “problem” areas around the house.

Up first is the home office! The home office is what keeps the household running with some semblance of sanity. Whether it’s huge room with a big desk and lots of windows, or that one corner in your kitchen where the calendar lives and all the mail gets stuffed, it’s important to keep it organized in order to keep things running smoothly. And while getting your office organized may seem like a daunting task, stick with us here. We’re going to make this ridiculously easy.

In fact, you can start the organization process without even lifting a finger! Half the organization battle is in your head! So get a jump start on organizing your office with these nuggets of wisdom:

First--Get those Pinterest-perfect images out of your head! This is your HOUSE we are talking about. You live here! And your life isn’t a flawless, staged snapshot with a vintage filter. Your life is moving! Vibrant! Fluid! With no filter other than the one from yesterday’s coffee that ripped and dumped coffee grounds all over your counter this morning. THAT is life! So the first tip in organizing is to give yourself a good old-fashioned reality check. Your home office, once organized, will still always have some stray envelopes and cap-less markers lying around. That’s ok!

Second--You know your vibrant, fluid life, with all your tendencies and quirks, better than anyone else. So organize your office to reflect that! Are you the type to file, or pile? If you’re a piler, don’t stress yourself out more trying to force yourself into filing! Ditch the filing cabinet and go for stackable cubbies instead. Find out what works for YOU, and do it! (Even if it doesn't look picture-worthy! See tip#1! There’s a reason that saying does not go, “Work ‘prettier’, not harder”!)

Third--Once you start figuring out what works for you, keep at it! Keep your office improvable. Have an overflowing stack of old receipts to be shredded? Maybe you shouldn’t keep the shredder on the other side of the room. Always frazzled because your desk-top calendar is covered in coupons, tax forms, and eraser shavings? Maybe you should get a wall calendar. Keep an eye on what is making staying organized harder, and work around that. Keep your office organization open for improvement.

Alright, so now that you are coming at this undertaking with a better perspective, the fun part begins!

There are four basic areas to focus on when organizing your home office: papers, planners, supplies, and tech. Take them one by one, and you’ll have your office organized in a snap.


When it comes to calming the paper chaos, TIME is your best friend. It’s an even better friend than the latest-and-greatest multi-tiered paper sorter. As stated before, figuring out whether you prefer files or piles is definitely important, but either way you’re going to have to commit time to sorting through all the paper you accumulate. When you are first beginning to organize your home office, set aside 15 minutes to sort through some paper chaos, then once you’ve weeded out what’s important, find your way to organize it in a way that makes sense to you!


Whether it’s a calendar, a planner, or an app, an integral part of getting your home office organized is getting your event-planning centralized to one place. So designate a system and get yourself space to plan ahead.


From staplers to sticky notes, it’s important to find a way to corral all those office accessories! The dollar store is a great place to find small containers for cheap--but if free is more your thing, then go green and “upcycle” things like yogurt cups, spaghetti boxes, even Oreo trays!, to keep all those office supplies organized. Get creative, and get those supplies organized!


There’s so much tech involved in today’s modern offices, and while they can be incredibly helpful, they can also be bulky and a mess of wires! It’s imperative that you make your tech work for you--for example,as you’re re-organizing your office and trying to find a spot for the printer, it’s a good idea to keep the features and uses of the printer accessible. Some printers need to be loaded with paper from the front, others from the back. Make sure wherever you decide to put your printer that you can easily access it to perform functions like refilling paper, making copies, and faxing. Otherwise, you’ll never use it! And if you want to contain all those pesky wires and cords, check out Pinterest for some great DIY cord-corralling ideas. Tech tranquility is not so hard to achieve after all!

Getting your entire office organized does not have to be as daunting as it seems! Just remember: Get a realistic perspective, come up with a system that works for you, and keep room for improvement.Then tackle papers, planners, supplies, and tech. So celebrate National Get Organized Month and get your home office organized!

Happy organizing!

~Karlyn at A Better Rate Storage

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